Scugog Dragon Boat Club

Full Transparency is Important to Us!

Scugog Dragon Boat Club is a non-profit incorporated in Ontario in 2023.

We started operation in 2022, and made it "official" in 2023.

In 2022 most of our programs were pay-what-you-can. The goal was to get as many people in the boat as possible, and it worked! More than 400 people entered our boat last summer. But we operated as a loss.

In 2023, we have created a sustainable financial model, that will allow us to thrive well into the future.
This includes a membership model, where your fees help us cover the myriad of costs associated with running a dragon boat club.

We don't turn a profit, and we charge fees based on our forecasted expenses for the year.
We venture to use fundraisers and sponsorships to help reduce costs for next year, and to help improve our current year's programming.

You deserve to know where your money is going, so we are making our forecast and budget available. We update this budget regularly to replace our forecasts with actuals.

Our budget is available here:

SDBC 2023 Budget and Forecast

Any questions, comments, or concerns can be directed to 

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